Top Reasons to Ride

Top 8 Reasons to Ride At Pennington Farms!

1) Pennington Farms offers the end to end family package for the Equestrian Rider

2) Pennington Farms has a prover track record for 35 years of happy customers. Pennington Farms has many students whose parents were students during their young riding career!

3) Full Facility Farm, 24/7 security

4) Home atmosphere & relaxing environment is a must at the farm

5) Pennington Farms can take you to the top levels in show jumping from cross rails, to BigEq to Grand Prix jumping. Check out our winner’s circle.

6) Riding horses is a great way to become friends with the an Equine!

7) The farm offers 2 show rings, a new cross country ring to get away from the city and more!

8) Our most popular events are Birthday and Pony parties!